Monday, February 28, 2011

Jeanne arrives home

It's now a little after 8PM Monday night. Jeanne arrived home with Dad about three hours ago. It was great to get her back home here so we could all be together. Of course, she needs to be back down in NYC for an 8am appointment Wednesday morning and will be heading back down there a lot over the next month or so until they feel confident that the kidney is not being rejected by her body.

Unfortunately, Jeanne wasn't home five full minutes when the phone rang. It was Maryanne, who was helping out with after-school taxi service for Brian and Jason. Turns out Brian was not feeling well and she was bringing him home early from CCD. It appears that Brian has a bit of a fever - which means we are going to have to try to keep him and Jeanne apart as much as we can for the next few days.

Personally, I felt pretty good most of the day, but I do need frequent naps. The soreness seems to come and go throughout the day. It's pretty much exactly what the medical staff said to expect. I'm finding now that it nears the end of the day, I am getting more sore and more tired. I'll probably turn in for the night soon.

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