Thursday, February 24, 2011

A successful transplant!

It's now about 3PM Thursday afternoon. Jeanne got out of surgery about 11am. We talked to her surgeon about noon and he told us that everything went very well. The kidney is already pumping out about a liter an hour. Got to see Jeanne about 12:30 - she's still pretty drugged up but is in very good spirits. I can only hope I'm half as good a patient as she is! Then Susie and I went out to lunch while Dad headed back home (hopefully for a nap). Headed back to see Jeanne again about 2:30. I need to limit the amount of time I spend with her to give her time to recover - what she needs more than anything right now is rest. They expect she'll be moved from the recovery area to a hospital room about 8PM this evening.

Well, if it's 3PM, then its about time for me to start my own preparation for tomorrow. I have 5 ounces of some "juice" that is supposed to help clean me out for the surgery tomorrow. Only liquids for me from now until midnight! Now that Jeanne's surgery over, I'm getting very tired - that adrenalin rush that's been keeping me going since 2am is starting to fade!

Hoping to see Rick a little later this afternoon. He happens to be in the city today and we're planning to meet up.

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