Thursday, February 24, 2011

6:30PM update

Its now about 6:30PM Thursday evening. I'm checked in to a very nice room in the Helmsley Medical Tower just adjacent to the hospital where I'll be crashing for the night. While I type this, I am enjoying my liquid "dinner" of Tropical Carrot Juice drink to be followed by a Vitamin Water chaser.

I last saw Jeanne about an hour ago now and she continues to recover well and is more alert as the day goes on. She should be heading out of recovery within the next half hour and I'll be heading over to see her in her room in just a bit. She does not appear to be in much pain and her biggest issue seems to be a very dry throat at the moment.

Rick did stop by and we visited Jeanne together for a little bit. He had a busy day full of meetings around Manhattan - so busy he didn't have time for lunch. So, as he was standing around the recovery room surrounded by all of the tubes and machines and medical staff, he became a little faint. He is definitely my brother! So, we headed down to the hospital cafeteria together so he could get something to eat before he headed home.

Some people have asked me today if I know who it is that will be receiving my kidney. At this point I do not. I do know that as of last week, there were two "gentlemen" (as Marian put it) who were being tested for compatibility. I assume it is one of those two, and if so, the transplant will be performed right here at New York Presbyterian Cornell soon after it gets removed from me. I believe that after all of the surgeries are over, we may find out more details of all of the folks involved in the chain, but I believe it is up to each individual to decide if they wish to remain anonymous or not. I personally think it would be really cool to meet some of the other people involved in this chain, but I know that may not be very practical given that at least some of the other people involved are on the West Coast. However, I also don't think I would have any problem if I never found out who any of the folks were. For me, this is really all about Jeanne anyway.


Patricia said...

Jim and I were just checking in to see how everything went today with Jeanne and also how you are doing in prep for tomorrow. We were so happy to see that everything is going well so far. You both remain in our thoughts of course and we look forward to your next entry when you are also on your road to recovery!
Hugs from New Paltz, Pat and Jim

Albert General said...

I am glad to hear everyone (including Rick) is doing fine. I really do enjoy your posts. Thoughts and prayers are with you tomorrow through your journey.