Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Our PKD Story - Chapter 6: Twins

The next few months were a long waiting game for me. The due date the doctors gave us was March 19th. I figured the odds of going full term were slim, so I was just hoping to get the pregnancy along as far as possible before the babies were delivered. Happily, we made it to Christmas, then to New Year’s, then all the way through January! Then, at a doctor appointment on February 5, 2004, we experienced some déjà vu. Just as was the case when Jeanne was carrying TJ, Jeanne’s blood pressure became extremely high, and she was admitted to the hospital. The difference this time was that since she was only at 36 weeks, they decided to monitor her for a while before making the decision to have a C-section. However, since it was late in the evening, it was determined that the C-section would be the following day.

TJ stayed the night at a friend’s house and I spent the night in the chair in the hospital room. That day must have been a very popular day for delivering babies, because we ended up waiting around until mid-afternoon before going in for the C-section. I got myself all dressed in scrubs ready to accompany Jeanne during the delivery, but then at the last minute I was told that because Jeanne would be under anesthesia, I would not be able to be with her during the delivery. Now this, of course, makes perfect sense – but the last minute news really threw me off balance. So, I spent the next couple of hours as a nervous wreck waiting for news. Finally, at 6:49 PM and 6:50 PM respectively on February 6th, 2004, Jason and Brian came into our lives! The relief I felt that we had two healthy baby boys was so overwhelming, I could scarcely talk on the phone to share the news with my family. They each weighed barely four pounds. Because they were born so early, Jason and Brian had to stay in the NICU for a week before they were allowed to come home on Valentine's Day.

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