Friday, December 18, 2009

opposites attract

Well, I got my official letter in the mail regarding my compatability with Jeanne for a transplant. Here's the results:

Blood type:

Antigen matching:
You and your recipient have a 0 out of 6 match

You and your recipient have a positive crossmatch

In summary, there is nobody on the planet who is a less suitable match with Jeanne for a kidney transplant than I am.

As I sit and reflect on this, though, I'm thinking this may actually be good news. I knew going in that I couldn't donate a kidney to Jeanne because of our blood type mismatch. If we were compatable with respect to antigens and crossmatch, then maybe the pair of people we would match up well with would also match up well with each other, and therefore the other pair would have no need to get involved in any sort of kidney swap.

In any case, the next step for me is to get back in touch with the NYP Weill-Cornell transplant team and start the process of getting myself into the Donor Swap program.