Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Our PKD Story - Chapter 7: Present Day

Thanks to the kidney transplant, the second pregnancy did not seem to have as big a negative effect on Jeanne’s health as the first. Still, Jeanne continues to have more than her fair share of medical issues, a result of the unfortunate reality that you have to suppress your immune system in order to prevent your new kidney from being rejected by your body. About a year after Brian and Jason were born, it was discovered that Jeanne had an ovarian dermoid cyst which was large enough that it needed to be removed. And then, earlier this year, there was the bacterial meningitis which landed Jeanne in the hospital for a week. According to her, this was the worst pain she’s ever had – and she’s had plenty of pain to deal with over the years. And now, she finds herself having to take weekly Epoetin shots to deal with her anemia.

All of these various ailments are one of the reasons that they say a kidney transplant is a treatment rather than a cure. Another reason is that a transplanted kidney doesn’t last forever, so we are prepared for the likely reality that Jeanne will need another transplant somewhere down the line.

On the positive side, though, a kidney transplant does allow you to enjoy life to a far greater extent than the alternative of dialysis, where you must have your body hooked up to an artificial kidney machine three times a week. Jeanne and I have traveled to 38 of the 50 states together, as well as Canada, England and Ireland, much of this since the transplant. We also have three wonderful sons. And, most importantly, we have each other! Together, we'll see what the future brings.


Mrs Guru said...

Hi Bob,

Great website and such a beautiful family. You team has raised ALOT of money for PKD. That's AWESOME! Great PKD links, too.

Connie (aka. Mrs Guru)

Bob said...

Thanks, Connie. When it comes to raising money, I'm blessed to have a supportive network of extended family and friends around me. My family decided to participate in the Walk for PKD for the first time in 2006 and I really didn't know what to expect in terms of raising money. I was really overwhelmed with the generosity I encountered.

PKD Pugilist said...

Hi Bob,
I just wanted to thank you for not only reaching out to me on my blog and being so positive but also for developing such a nice blog yourself. I appreciate your uplifting comments and outlook. I do hope I have as happy an ending as you and your family have been having.

tapyboy said...

Great job your doing on your blog, family and PKD advocacy. Great links too. Thanks for including me in your link. When I have the time, I will put links to your site too.

melissaarlio said...

Hi Bob,

Wow - what a story! It sounds like you and your wife have been through quite a lot together - a true testament of the strength of your relationship! Although I'm a new follower to your blog, I'm looking forward to reading all about your continued journey as you go through another transplant this week. I cannot imagine what you and your family must go through each day and I truly admire your courage and positive outlook!! I wish you and your family nothing but the best on this journey ahead!!!!

Best wishes,