Tuesday, January 22, 2008

PKD discussed on Dr. Phil

I saw this post on ThirtyWhat's blog today, but too late to set the DVR. Apparantly, Polycystic Kidney Disease was discussed on the Dr. Phil show today. Not having gotten a chance to see it, I can't really comment any more than that, but I did find a message board related to today's episode. Included on the board are quite a number of personal stories related to dealing with PKD. I found this one by Karen in NJ especially touching.

If anyone coming across this blog happened to see the episode, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I figure any mention of PKD on a show like Dr. Phil has to be a good thing.


ThirtyWhat said...

Hi there ...

Thanks for coming to my blog ... I watched the show and, once again, was really disappointing in the total lack of information on PKD.

I posted a review ... well, it's not much of a review. More of a rant about what I didn't like about the episode. LOL

Anyhow ... I'm glad someone else is getting the word out. :)

New to PKD said...

Hello Bob,

I am actually watching the show as I am posting this. thirtywhat is correct in that so far, they have not explained what PKD is, just that Cojo had 2 kidney transplants due to polycystic kidney disease. I wish they explained more about the disease, but yes, any mention of pkd is something. I am sure that there will be viewers that will actually search out a definition as a result of the show and Cojo's new book, so that is something.
The show is really about transplants and what they mean for the individual and their families, not PKD specifically.

ThirtyWhat said...

You're right ... the episode was more about the experience of having a transplant ... and, what's worse, it's more about people not taking care of themselves AFTER a transplant or other medical emergency.

I suppose I expected too much. I'm planning on getting his book from the library (cause I SURE ain't paying for it) ... just to see if the BOOK goes into detail about his experiences with PKD.

I'm not sure how other people deal with their condition ... but it helps me to hear other people's stories. I guess it makes me feel I'm either a) not alone or b) not making these symptoms up in my head! LOL

Bob said...

Hmmmm. Maybe its good that I missed the chance to record the show. From reading your comments, I'm pretty sure I would have felt the same disappointment.

New to PKD said...

Good Morning Bob,

Just thought I would let you know that I spoke with a collegue this morning about the fact that I had been recently diagnosed with PKD, and she immediately said, "isn't that what Cojo has, he has been all over the news and tv shows talking about it...until then I have never even heard of it." I guess that shows that even the reference to PKD on Dr. Phil helped, and that he obvisouly has been speaking out in other interviews as well. Hopefully he will continue to do so.

Bob said...

Thanks for sharing the good news. Sounds like maybe Cojo's media blitz is indeed helping to get the word out about PKD. I see the PKD Foundation website has now posted an article about him and his upcoming book as well.