Saturday, January 5, 2008

pictures from Christmas Day

Finally getting around to posting some pictures from Christmas Day. Jason was the first one up in the morning:

We let TJ and Brian sleep a little longer (but only a little longer) as we had to get everyone going so that we could attend 10:30 AM mass - TJ was signed up to be an altar server.

The stockings were filled - no coal!

The Christmas tree looked beautiful with all of the presents under it

at least for a short while...

Brian and Jason enjoyed their bowling pin set:

TJ was excited about getting a ham radio. He found a copy of his new call sign under the tree as well! He is KC2SQB for those of you who might also enjoy the hobby.

We had 15 in all for Christmas dinner - there was the five of us; Jeanne's sister Alexis who stayed with us for a few days; Jeanne's parents; my parents; my brother Jay; and my brother Rick and his family. I guess the camera was put away at that point of the day, as I don't seem to have much for pictures from when everyone was here. Too busy socializing (and eating!) Jeanne made a wonderful dinner, as she always does. First course was a turnip soup and the main course was a stuffed pork tenderloin. Mmmmm. The desserts were too numerous to mention.

Then later, Jeanne's Aunt Mary, Uncle John, and cousin Danielle and her family stopped by on their way home from the airport.

One of my favorite Christmas time traditions is the "wall of Christmas cards" that we always create with all of the cards, letters and pictures we receive:

It really was a great Christmas this year.

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