Tuesday, February 15, 2011

pre-op testing is tomorrow

Jeanne got a call today that we are to go in tomorrow for our pre-op testing. I don't know exactly what testing they are planning on doing, but I'm sure they'll be drawing some more blood - that will be the third time in a week for me, due to the fact that I just had my blood work done for my routine physical last Wednesday as well.

Then, Jeanne has to go back down on Friday for a mammogram and pap smear. Unfortunately, her previous one was 11 months ago - too long ago to be acceptable to the transplant team, and too recently for the insurance company to be willing to pay for one done locally.

Jeanne has been having a lot of trouble at dialysis lately. On Friday night, the nurses ran into some issues with the needles and had to send her home early and bring her back in on Saturday to finish her session. Then, something similar went wrong yesterday and so she is back in again this evening. When she goes in for her normally scheduled session tomorrow, that will be 5 visits in 6 days for her! This transplant can't some soon enough.

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