Saturday, February 26, 2011

All is well

Its now about 10am Saturday morning. I just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that all is well with me. My surgery went great and I hear that my kidney is working just fine in the recipient. Turns out that the recepient of the kidney was female, and not male as Marian had indicated earlier. I guess that means that the final crossmatch tests for those guys must not have gone well.

I'm up and walking now - a little slower than normal, but I'm able to get around on my own anyway. I must say I was expecting a lot more pain than this. Sure, I getting help from my pain meds, but even so, I was expecting to be feeling this a lot more than I am. Mostly, it only hurts when I move around, but even then, not all that much.

One nice surprise was that somehow, I ended up landing in the transplant section (usually reserved for recipients) in the room right next to Jeanne! Apparently, the hospital is quite full and they were having lots of trouble finding beds for the folks coming out of surgery, so somehow I got shuffled here. It's been great to be able to walk next door and see her. Otherwise, I may not have gotten a chance to see her until tomorrow.

I'll post later with more complete details of my whole experience, when sitting up is a liitle more comfortable and when I don't have an IV stuck in the back of the hand I am trying to type with.

Best I know, the plans are still for me to come home tomorrow and Jeanne to come home Monday.


Albert General said...

That is awsome Bob. Glad your feeling good.

melissaarlio said...

SUCCESS!!! So happy to hear all is well!!!!

Bob said...

Thanks, Albert and Melissa.

Melissa - Any word yet on when your big day is going to be?

Central said...

Glad to hear all are doing well.
- Joon -