Tuesday, March 1, 2011

strep throat

Well, we took Brian in to the doctor's today and learned he has strep throat. One of the things that must be done to a recently transplanted kidney patient is that their immune system must be extra suppressed to prevent the kidney from being rejected. That makes Jeanne in her current condition especially susceptible to catching things from other people. So, we'll be keeping Brian and Jeanne pretty much separate until Brian gets himself feeling better. And, we'll be taking extra care to wipe things down with alcohol wipes whenever Brian is done with them. Hopefully, nobody else catches this from Brian either.

The trip to the doctor's office pretty much wiped me out today. All I really did was sit in the car on the way to the doctor's office, walk in and out of the doctor's office, walk and and out of the pharmacy and then sit in the car some more on the way home. But, that pretty much did me in for the day. It is amazing to realize how low my energy level really is. It's kind of frustrating, too, because when I just lay around, I feel good and want to get up and do something, but then when I get up and start doing something, I pretty quickly run out of energy and just feel like lying around.

I received my followup phone call from the hospital today. They asked how Jeanne and I were doing and I said we were both doing quite well. They mentioned that the woman who received my kidney had been released from the hospital and that things were going well for her also.

Jeanne heads back down to NYC tomorrow morning for an 8AM appointment. They'll draw some blood, have it tested, and then making any necessary medication adjustments based on the results. This will be the first of quite a few such visits she will be needing to make over the next several weeks.

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