Sunday, March 6, 2011

the grass is getting greener despite having to deal with the septic tank

Well, Jeanne and I continue to heal up. I've been gradually decreasing my pain medication. At first I was stretching out the time between doses, then starting taking half pills, then switched from Percoset onto Tylenol. My last Percoset was on Friday and I've only taken four Tylenol all day long. And, I would have to say that I now mostly feel fine. I only occasionally get that "someone just punched my in the stomach" feeling now.

My energy level is up as well. I haven't yet made it through the day without a nap, but at least we are to the point where I can tell you how many I took today (two short ones). I made a couple of short driving trips for the first time today as well. And, this afternoon, Mom and Dad headed back home, so tonight is the first evening back on our own for Jeanne and I.

One thing I've learned about recovering from surgery: life is going to go on and not stop and wait for you to heal. As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, Brian managed to get strep throat. Thankfully, the antibiotics got him going again quickly and he was back in school on Friday (probably could have gone Thursday as well). Then, yesterday morning, what at first seemed to just be a partially clogged toilet soon turned into a overfull septic tank due to the leach fields being saturated from all of the recent snow melt. We were able to get the tank pumped, but are still getting some runback from the fields - and all of today's rain certainly is not helping. It's always something!

I'm going to try putting in some half days of work from home this week. I think I'm ready to handle that.

And, then Thursday is my followup visit with Dr. Del Pizzo (my surgeon) and the transplant clinic.

Thanks to all for the many cards, prayers, dinners, carpools, kind words, and other help that so many of you have provided us over the past 10 days. Jeanne and I certainly could not have done this without all of you!

*** 100 bonus points if you can name the author who inspired the title of the post and his/her relation to content of my blog.

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