Thursday, March 10, 2011

tired of being tired

Sorry for not keeping up with the blog posts, but the reality is that there isn't a whole lot new going on around here. But, for those of you who are keeping up with our progress through these posts, I suppose I should be a little more diligent about reporting what is going on, even if it's "not much".

Jeanne and I continue to heal - but I have to admit that for me, at least, it is taking longer than I would like. On Monday and Tuesday, it really seemed like my energy level was starting to come back, but then yesterday I felt very wiped out much of the day. I seem to be finding myself often in a spot where I feel too good to do nothing, but not good enough to do anything - if that makes any sense.

Jeanne's followup visit on Tuesday went very well. They've told her she can already back down to one visit per week, which is great. A lot of that is because this is her second transplant, and she has already established a history of being a good patient - which means, most importantly, that she can be counted on to take all of the necessary medications. I find it such a shame to hear stories of patients who get a kidney transplant and then don't follow through with taking all of the necessary medications to keep that kidney healthy for as long as possible.

I rescheduled my followup with Dr. Del Pizzo from today to tomorrow, as they were predicting some snow/sleet/ice overnight and I was worried that I might not be able to get out of here this morning. Of course, none of that bad weather came - it's been all rain. So, now I need to hope that the amount of rain over the next 24 hours isn't so much that it makes getting back down to NYC a real hassle tomorrow.


melissaarlio said...

Hi there!! So glad to hear you and your wife are doing well - Dr. Del Pizzo is great, isn't he!? I've been so worn out lately that I had been slacking on my blogging and keeping up with other people's blogs, but I decided to check in on you today. I have to say, when I read this line from you, I had such an A-ha! moment: "I seem to be finding myself often in a spot where I feel too good to do nothing, but not good enough to do anything - if that makes any sense." That is EXACTLY how I have felt. I couldn't quite put it into words but you've done! There are days when I feel like I have my energy again, and then the very next day I'm totally wiped out. I'm sick and tired of doing nothing, but when I get up to do stuff, I'm too tired!!! In an odd way, I was glad to read that, and know I'm not alone. It's all part of the process and at least we can commiserate about the same issues!!!

Hope you continue to see improvement - best wishes for continued recovery!!!!!


Bob said...

Hi, Melissa. It's great to hear from you. Overall, my energy level is getting better as time goes by, but it still fluctuates a lot - some days are still definitely better than others. Today was especially frustrating because it was so beautiful out and I wanted to get out and really enjoy the good weather, but I was feeling pretty run down, so I couldn't do as much as I wanted to.