Monday, March 21, 2011

second post-surgery followup visit

It was back down to NYC today for another visit with Dr. Del Pizzo. The good news is that there is no longer any sign of infection. The bad news is that my wound is still going to need some more time to heal. Since my last visit, I've been packing the wound with gauze to help it drain. Well, I guess I need to pack it a little more tightly, so I need to start using a larger size gauze and push it in a little tighter each time I change the dressing. I'll go back and see him again in two more weeks.

Today was certainly my best day since the surgery. I had a meeting at TJ's school, drove back and forth to NYC for the doctor's appointment, brought the kids to CCD, did some food shopping and still don't feel completely drained. Tomorrow, I'll be going back into the office for work for the first time since the surgery, so I hope the good energy levels continue.

Jeanne's been doing pretty well also. Her biggest issue right now is that one of her muscles that got pushed around pretty good during the surgery is bothering her a bit. But, the new kidney seems to be doing great! And, she drove for the first time since the surgery today. She'll still need to minimize the amount of time she spends in public places for a few more weeks, but at least she can now do a quick errand or two if she needs to.

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bkungerman said...

Glad to hear that you are both doing well. What area is Jeanne having trouble with? I still have numbness below the incision area and some pain in my side where the incision and drain were. I am headed for another post op in LA tomorrow and I will be dropping my mother in law off at the airport, as she is headed back home now. AND....I will be driving myself for the first time! About a 2 hour drive one way and I have to be there at 6am...yuck! Anyhow, both of you keep well!! - Karen