Saturday, March 12, 2011

first post-surgery followup visit

Yesterday (Friday) was my post-surgery followup visit with Dr. Del Pizzo. I pointed out to him that I had been seeing an increasing amount of discharge from my incision over the past couple of days and wasn't sure if it was something to be concerned about or not. After poking around my belly button for a couple of minutes (ouch!), he informed me that I have a slight infection at the incision site. He subscribed some antibiotics for me and gave me some instructions for how to change the dressing covering the incision 1-2X per day. I'll be going back to see him again a week from Monday so he can make sure it is healing better.

So, it looks like it'll be a little longer before I'm back in action, unfortunately.

While I was down there, I did stop by the transplant clinic for a (very) quick visit with Marian. Since I stopped there first, I told her everything is going well (which mostly it is) and she was happy to see me up and around.

Later, after I was back home, Marian called and talked to Jeanne to let her know that her donor was interested in getting in touch with her. It would be very exciting to learn more about other people involved in this kidney donation chain.


A said...

that is cool about the donor not so cool about your infection. Feel better soon.

Barbara said...

Hi Jeanne and Bob,
My name is Barbara Smith as you allready know now. I am your kidney donor. I was so excited to know you are doing so well! Thank you Bob for inviting me as a friend on your facebook page. This whole experience as been so wonderful. My daughter Karen who also received a kidney on the exchange has had PKD since she was born. Her father also had it and passed away at age 25 with a brain Aneurysm, he had a kidney removed when he was 22, it weighed 10lbs. My daughters kidneys weighs around 15lbs total weight and are the size of footballs. They left them in though when they put her transplanted kidney in. How are your kidneys, do you still have them? They may take them out later.
Her doctor Dr. Veile, transplant surgeon is soooo awesome. He is or is one of the surgeons who created the exchange program. He came to see me the day after surgery. I never saw my main surgeon which was strange. He called me the Hero, which made me feel so good.
But when I woke up I wanted to know how you were doing? They said your were doing good and they laughed and said my kidney (now your kidney) flew in the cockpit with the pilots, so funny. I was wondering after you get feeling better, both of you, maybe we could try to find out who was on our chain, its just such a great experience I would like to know.
I feel so connected to both of you now, but I wont be a pest,promise, lol. I pray for both of your recoveries, hope you both are doing well! Im still a bit sore. I did better than I had expected. Knock on wood Im never sick! I guess God kept me well so you could have a good kidney, lol. My daughter is doing really well, she still is sore. The meds are a bit much, as Im sure you know. What is your creatine level now. I know you told me 1.5 before, hoping for 1! I am a non-smoker,all my life.
Very healthy so hope that makes a difference for you. My blood type is o+ so I was a universal donor. Karens doctor said I was a good bargaining chip, lol. I actually was tested in Utah and they said I was a match for my daughter, than when Bob her husband was sent to Edwards, Ca AFB, I had to retest with UCLA and they said I wasnt the best match with her, they thought they could find a better match for her so they got us to do the exchange program. My son and nephew were tested and they both were a match for her. But after talking things over we decided that I could do the exchange program and help someone else at the same time. If my daughter ever needed another transplant, we have my son and nephew for her. So I think God has things planned for us, and I think thats why I was there for you! Now take care of yourself!!! Stay well, rest up!
I will always pray for you! Take care.