Wednesday, August 1, 2007

doing even better than I thought

Well, I found out today that several people have donated to Team Teddy Bear, but were inadvertantly donating in such a way that their donations weren't being credited to us, and I wasn't even aware that the donations were being made.

What people are expected to do is to hit the "Support Bob!" button on my page or the "Support Team Teddy Bear!" button on the team page. Turns out there is another button on the top of the page labelled "Donate Now" which I hadn't even noticed. If you click on that button, you can make a donation to the PKD Foundation - but it is completely independant of the Walk for PKD. I can't say I can blame someone for hitting the "Donate Now" button when that is exactly what they are intending to do!
So, the good news is we've raised even more than I realized. The bad news is that I am going to have to try to track down all of the people who donated this way so that I can properly thank them and send them receipts. I wrote to the PKD Foundation letting them know what is happening, just in case there is something they can do to help prevent these "silent donations" from occurring

When I was talking to Katie at the PKD Convention, she mentioned something about a new system to handle the donation process next year. Hopefully, that solves problems like this one, and allows for easier tracking of offline donations. With some of the changes they've made, it's turning out to be a lot of work this year to keep track of everything - but it's all for a good cause!

Heidi, who runs the Hudson Valley walk (see her page at, sent us along a bunch of posters and pamphlets to distribute around the area. Jeanne is going to try to stop by some nephrologist offices and dialysis centers tomorrow. It would be great if that leads to some more walkers and more teams in the Hudson Valley walk.

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