Tuesday, August 7, 2007

back from family reunion

Went up to Vermont for the annual family reunion over the weekend. As usual, we all had a great time. It's always very nostalgic for me to return to Waterbury, where I have so many childhood memories.

The good news is that we got a new battery for the camera. But, we were all so busy having fun, I neglected to take many pictures. But, we did manage to get a new official "Team Teddy Bear photo". Unfortunately, since my mom had to be on call for work this past weekend, she was unable to join us, so we couldn't include her in.

I hope to get around to tallying up our new team total soon, including all of the donations which aren't included on the web page. However, we've got a broken door on the van, and our laptop doesn't seem to want to boot, so realistically, I may not be able to get to this until the weekend. The good news is the donations keep coming in! Thanks to you all!

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