Sunday, August 12, 2007

Matthew's first birthday

We went down to Rick and Sheila's yesterday for my nephew Matthew's first birthday party. Perfect weather, great food (and plenty of it) and great company made for a great party! Cindy changed her mind at the last minute and decided to make the drive from PA so we were able to get all seven grandchildren together - which is always a treat! Here's a great picture of Dad with all of "Pop-Pop's Pals" and "Pop-Pop's Princess".

Spent this evening catching up on sending out a bunch of overdue "thank you"s, gathering up offline donations for sending to the foundation, and other administrative tasks related to the walk. I think I'm finally caught up - for the moment. Now I just have to get some files off of the other (broken) computer so that I can sort through who I've already mailed letters to and who I still need to send to. Here's where we stand:

Counting the various offline donations which aren't included, we are well over $4000!!

Jeanne's started delivering some of the pamphlets and posters that Heidi sent up to us. I'm going to start trying to distribute some myself this week.

Jason's been sleeping really poorly lately - and as a result, so have I. So, I'm about to turn in and call it a night.

Thanks again to all our supporters!

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