Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween - one of our family's favorite nights of the entire year. Not sure who enjoys it more - me or the kids. Jeanne gets the credit for making everything so much fun each year. She always comes up with some creative ideas and usually gets out the sewing machine to sew some costumes for the kids (and sometimes me, too!)

This year, the theme was the Cat in the Hat. I got to be the Cat and Brian and Jason were Thing 1 and Thing 2. Here we are:

Jeanne sewed the costumes for Brian (Thing 1) and Jason (Thing 2). She also dyed the hair blue and the color came out perfect! I hit up the craft store and cobbled together the hat out of some styrofoam, posterboard and scraps from Brian and Jason's costumes, then got out an old "Rufus the dog" costume of TJ's from a couple of years ago - Jeanne's idea again, of course. I used the dog costume for my pants (it provided the tail), then tied the top of it off around my waist as it was way too small. Then, I threw a couple of black shirts on, covering up the top of the Rufus costume and providing me a nice paunch.

Unfortunately, Brian and Jason haven't been feeling well this week, so the little guys and I didn't do much trick-or-treating. Jason stayed home completely. Brian decided he wanted to give it a try, but after two houses he had enough, so we headed back home. And these are two guys who walked the entire neighborhood last year when they were just two! I feel bad they didn't feel up to it this year. At least they wore the costumes for a while and seemed to enjoy the atmosphere.

TJ went around the neighborhood with three of his scout buddies - Ben, Ryan and Isaac. He went as Ash, the Pokemon trainer. Here he is:

They were out for a couple of hours and gathered a lot of loot. Apparantly, Ben had a "costume malfunction" somewhere along the way, though. He started out as the headless horseman and ended the night as a Red Sox fanatic. Sounds like the guys had a great time. Now I'm off to raid the candy bowl!

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