Monday, October 15, 2007

pumpkin picking

Yesterday, the family went pumpkin picking at Secor's Farm. We started out by taking a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch.

Jason and TJ enjoyed the ride out:

The rule in our family (which is the rule Jeanne grew up with) is that you can have any pumpkin you want as long as you can carry it. Jason was content with staying small and easy to handle.

TJ went for a largish one, but didn't push his limits.

Brian was determined to grab the biggest pumpkin he could handle:

Could he do it? Well, see for yourself:

OK, so in the end, Mom helped out just a little

Dad decided to get one with a stem

OK, we've all got pumpkins - time to head back!

The only disappointing part was that when we got back, we found they were out of cider and donuts. That's my favorite part! So, instead, we stopped and grabbed some on the way home and made ourselves a picnic around the kitchen table.

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