Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hudson Valley Walk for PKD totals (so far)

I've received some email with news of the Hudson Valley Walk results:

"Thanks to all the participants, sponsors and volunteers who made the Hudson Valley Walk for PKD such a huge success!
More than 220 participants, spectators and volunteers joined us for a perfect (but rainy!) day of raising funds for PKD research and awareness of polycystic kidney disease in our area. Together, we have raised over $54,000 and the total just keeps rising!
Online donations can be made through the end of October and checks can still be mailed directly to the PKD Foundation (please use this form to make sure your donations are credited correctly).
Top fundraiser prizes were given out on Walk Day to Michele Karl, Stuart Sclater-Booth, Bob Sayah, Luke Sclater-Booth, and Thomas Sayah, but we were unable to give out Top fundraising team prizes. As of walk day, Three Peas in a Pod and Luke’s Team were within a few hundred dollars of each other… and so 1st and 2nd place could not be definitively awarded without double checking the math. Similarly, Hooked on Hope and Team Teddy Bear were both in the running for 3rd place and “too close to call”. All 4 teams have had additional funds come in since walk day, but at 10pm on October 15th the final determination for these prizes will be made and the award plaques will be sent out to the captains of the winning teams. So, if you have donations to send in, do it now!
Help take us over the top! You can still: - Follow up with that co-worker or friend who wanted to donate but just forgot. - Follow up on matching corporate dollars. Get us your corporate paperwork and donation information, we process the request. This can be an easy way to double, even triple your donation!
A Special Thanks goes out to all of our sponsors, as we could not have done it without all of your help!
Nationally, the Walk for PKD has raised more than $2.5 million and we played a significant part in it all. We were one of 72 walks held across the US and in three International locations. To say it was a huge success is an understatement!"

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