Monday, October 12, 2009

pictures from walk day

Finally got some pictures from the walk. Thanks, Dad!

Here's Sam, this year's walk coordinator, along with his bodyguards. Positions of power such as his require extra attention to security.

Here's Jeanne taking care of the Hudson Valley Chapter information table.

Jason hanging with a stormtrooper.

Brian and Pop-Pop waiting for their chance to say hi to the stormtrooper. There's Kenny the Kidney in the background.

A picture from the walk route. Notice how everyone is in front of us, as usual.

One of my favorite touches is the signs they put up along the walk route. Here's one congratulating TJ for his fundraising efforts the previous year.

Back at the pavilion, it's time for some eating and socializing!

Brian, don't fill up on soda!

TJ once again received the award for second place youth fundraiser. He's not looking as youthful as he used to, though! In the foreground, Luke raises up his first place trophy.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this another successful year for Team Teddy Bear and the entire Hudson Valley Walk fo PKD!

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