Sunday, October 25, 2009

first visit to the Walkway over the Hudson

Today, I got my first chance to visit the Walkway over the Hudson which opened up about a month ago. For those that don't know, the Walkway over the Hudson is a new state park where they converted a former railway bridge into a path across the Hudson River from Poughkeepsie to Highland. You can learn more about this wonderful new place from their website.

Jason, Brian and I went together to check out the walkway while Jeanne stayed home to get started on Halloween costumes and TJ was off at play practice. I had heard that there would be a free shuttle bus from the nearby train station, so I decided to go there rather than try to find parking at the site, as I was certain the place would be crowded on such a beautiful day. Turns out that was the right plan. The lot at the park was full and the guy across the street was charging $5 to park in his lot.

Jason and Brian enjoyed the bus ride over.

Once the bus dropped us off at the park, we had to walk down a short path to get to the bridge.

With the fall colors, the views were spectacular.

Here is Route 9 from a new perspective

Finally, out over the Hudson River!

Looking south at the Mid-Hudson bridge

At this point on the bridge, we ran into the Marist women's basketball team. One of the girls was nice enough to offer to take pictures of the three of us, so I get to upload a couple of pictures that have me in it for a change.

Well, since Brian and Jason were getting tired of walking, and we had to pick up TJ soon anyway, that's as far across as we got today. So, we turned around and headed back.

As we reached the end of the path, we saw the bus pulling away, so we had to hang out and wait for a while. Brian and Jason had fun passing the time.
But, then the bus finally showed up to bring us back to the train station.

We ended up being a little late to pick up TJ, but the three of us thought it was worth it. And since TJ got to go over the bridge earlier in the week with some classmates (and none of us), he couldn't complain too much. With November just around the corner, I imagine that's the only chance we'll get to visit this year. When spring comes, we'll have to plan a nice day of it and go all the way across - maybe even pack a picnic lunch to eat over on the other side.

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