Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Team Teddy Bear 2008 Open for Business

Well, it's now official. Team Teddy Bear is back for a third year walking in the Hudson Valley Walk for PKD. I've finally gotten around to getting my web pages together this evening. You can check out our team page here and my own page here. TJ jumped right in the other day and has managed to raise $70 already!

Please take some time to check out our walk pages and consider donating to the cause, or better yet joining a walk near you.

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Melissa said...

hi!! thank you for your amazing and inspiring comments! i am so glad to hear that your wife has done well with the transplant and that you are reading my blog! i am so happy that i can help spread the word-- so many people are unaware of PKD and transplants in general. so thank you for being an inspiration!

of course i am more than happy to have you link my blog to yours-- i would love to do the same! it simply takes a few brave souls to spread the word and before you know it, everyone is aware and learning about it.

and yes, my recipient is using his connections to spread the word. there is going to be a documentary about our story, magazine articles and news coverage. so keep an eye out. i am assuming you live in the NYC area since your wife was able to have her transplant at rogosin. so if you'd like, i'd be more than happy to let you know where we will be.

anyway, keep up the amazing work on spreading the word! :)