Sunday, July 29, 2007

TJ turns 12

Quite the wet weekend around here, but we managed to have fun nonetheless. Friday was TJ's birthday and we went to a Renegades game. We asked them put TJ's name up on the scoreboard (in exchange for a small donation to the Pitch for Kids foundation - yet another good cause). He got a real kick out of that. Unfortunately, they were having scoreboard issues, so the message didn't show up in the second inning like it was supposed to. It finally showed up later while I was on a bathroom run with Jason and Brian, so I missed it. About the eighth inning, the rain came and they had to delay the game for about 45 minutes. Luckily, we were seated in the back row so we were pretty well protected from the rain by a small awning. After the game, they had fireworks. Brian and Jason are funny - they talk very excitedly about the fireworks until they actually start - then the hands are over the ears! Jason even kept his eyes shut this time!

Saturday we were up at MaryLou and John's for their annual family reunion. Had a good time playing various games and enjoying a feast. About 7PM, it starting absolutely pouring for about 45 minutes. We were all under a tent so we weren't getting rained on, but it rained so much, the yard started turning into one giant puddle! Jason was getting overtired, so we left soon after the rain stopped. On he way home, we hit another huge rainstorm. But, strangely enough, when we got home (only 20-25 miles away), it hadn't rained at all here!

Today, was back to see the Renegades. And yes, there was more rain - but only a few sprinkles, so no big deal. For some reason, they decided to put TJ's name on the scoreboard again today - so this time I got to see it!

Our fundraising continues to progress well. My dad passed along TJ's email to a bunch of other people and got some great responses. He's currently our team leader and very proud of it. Our total stands at $1165.55 and counting! Thanks to all who have donated to the cause! Tonite, I started to send out some letters to people whose email addresses I don't have. Unfortunately, I didn't get very far before we ran out of envelopes.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. We're having issues with the battery in the digital camera. Hopefully, we'll have that solved soon.

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