Monday, July 23, 2007

5s are wild!

TJ and I sat down this evening and did some Walk for PKD things together. One thing we took care of was counting up all of the money he had saved up to donate. He had been saving up 50 cents out of his allowance each week for this year's walk. And also, he decided to save up all of the nickel deposits we got back from returning soda cans and beer bottles and make that part of the donation as well. The grand total was $40.54. For some reason, TJ felt compelled to add a penny to this amount to make it "a more roundish number". So, he handed the cash over to me and I went to the website and used my credit card to donate $40.55 in support of TJ. When we checked out the team page a little later, the new total was $555.55! How strange! Honestly, we didn't contrive anything to get to that total - not even the extra penny that TJ felt like he needed to add in. That's what made it so cool!

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