Saturday, September 19, 2009

one more week until the walk

The 2009 Walk for PKD is a week from today. Thanks to our friends and family (and even friends of family), Team Teddy Bear has raised nearly $3500! The overall total for the Hudson Valley Walk is over $39,000, which I think is a little ahead of the usual pre-walk total. It appears that there are a number of new teams signed up which might mean we are headed for a record turnout. It's very encouraging to see such continued support despite everything that the economy has gone through over the past year.

News from Heidi on Team Tuesday:

" Congratulations Teams!

Sixth Street, 3 Peas in a Pod, The Cure Crusaders, Team Teddy Bear, Hooked on Hope, Benny's Brigade, and Luke's Team will all have team tables reserved at the walk site. Feel free to bring things to mark your spot and make it a fun place for your team to congregate! Other teams will still have an opportunity to have a table to sit at- but the remaining tables are open to anyone.

I am happy to say that we had a 3 way tie for teams who had the most walkers raising $50 or more- Team Teddy Bear, Hooked on Hope, and Luke's Team were all tied with 8 team members raising $50 or more. Great problem to have, but I only have one "Picnic Fun Pack"- so we'll extend that challenge to next Tuesday and see if one team pulls ahead and takes the lead!

Have a great week- and thanks for all your efforts in recruiting walkers and fundraising. You are taking steps to help cure PKD and 12.5 million people appreciate it!"

Last minute donations are always welcome. Just head to to make a donation.

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