Thursday, September 10, 2009

first day of kindergarten

Today was the first full day of kindergarten for Jason and Brian. Here's some pictures just before getting on the bus for the first time!

Jason and Brian getting ready to go

Jason waiting for the bus

Brian waiting for the bus

The bus!!!!

Jason on the bus.

Brian on the bus

Some first day trends we hope don't continue:

  • Brian was escorted inside at recess by the principal (ok, so it was just to bring him to the nurse's office after a fall - or at least that is Brian's story and he's sticking to it)
  • Jeanne, free at last to go shopping without the little guys, went on a spending spree at the local stores (ok, so it was mostly to buy TJ clothes for school)

First day trend we hope DOES continue:

  • The boys fell asleep very quickly tonite!

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