Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Kidney-versary!!!!

Ten years ago today, Jeanne received her kidney transplant. Somehow, it seems fitting that on a holiday where we take time to remember those that sacrificed for our country, I also get to remember the sacrifice that Susie made by donating her kidney to Jeanne.

I still remember that day rather vividly: rushing out very early to be able to see them off to surgery, only to end up having the surgeries delayed until almost noontime; trying my best to keep myself busy in the afternoon by leaving the hospital for a few hours; later in the afternoon, back at the hospital, pacing, pacing and more pacing waiting for Jeanne and Susie to finally get out of surgery; then finally seeing Jeanne back at the room and being amazed at how good she looked. It definitely was one of the longest days of my life. But looking back now, I think I need to count it among one of the best days as well.


secretlysupergirl said...

Happy Anniversary Jeanne!

Linc said...

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