Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break Vacation 2008 Day 6

If I were thinking ahead, I probably would have entered these vacation entries in opposite order, so that they would come out with "Day 1" at the top instead of at the bottom. Oh well.....

March 18, 2008

Today we went to Jamestown, VA - the first English settlement (that survived) in America. Bob, Brian, Jason and TJ watched a movie about Jamestown while I read about the people of the early 1600s. We strolled through the park and listened to part of a talk given by "Mr. Johnson", a free Negro living in the late 1600s. Mr. Johnson owned some 250 acres because he brought over 5 indentured servants from England, getting 50 acres for each servant. We were unable to complete the talk and walk because our natives were getting restless.

We walked around the fort area and in the archaearium. On the way back to the visitor center, Jason and Mommy saw 4 turtles in the swamp. Brian and TJ ran on ahead.

We drove along the Colonial Parkway to Yorktown. As the park ranger's say, we were in the 2 parks that began and ended English domination in America.

At Yorktown, we listened to a park ranger give an account of the battle of Yorktown - from excerpts of letters and journals from people whi were at the battle. This one hour talk was the favorite of Bob, Jeanne and TJ. Bob unfortunately had to leave before it was finished because Brian and Jason were cold and tired (for the first half of the talk, we were able to sit on some benches with Brian and Jason asleep in our laps).

According to the ranger, the victory was a French victory - given to the Americans. It was a great lecture.

After Yorktown, we had a late lunch at Wendy's and drove over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel System. Driving over the bridges and tunnels were Brian and Jason's favorite of the day. We stopped at the pier and gift shop, and enjoyed a brisk walk to the end of the pier (it was very cold and windy).

We ate dinner at a Ruby Tuesday's along US 13 and slept at the Hampton Inn in Seaford, Delaware.

Postscript: We also saw a glass bloing demonstration at Jamestown.

The next day (yesterday), we basically just woke up and drove the rest of the way home. Another great family vacation!

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