Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break Vacation 2008 Day 4

March 16, 2008

This morning we went into Washington DC again. We went to Ford's Theatre which was closed for renovations until 2009 and to the building where Lincoln died. This was a boarding house across the street from the theatre.

We walked over to the International Spy Museum and received aliases to wander through the museum. Bob was John Campbell, 34 year ols born in Jamaica. TJ was a 14 year old boy but can't remember his name. I was Greta Schmidt, a 33 year old born in Germany.

As you went through the museum, you remembered who you were and were given more info about "your mission". As you left the museum, you are asked questions regarding your alias.

It was a well put together museum - talking about espionage in all of its forms.

We had lunch at a Subway and headed to Mount Vernon (home of George Washington). It was a great visit (a return trip for me) but you always learn something new.

We strolled through the out buildings and upper gardens waiting for the line through the house to diminish.

Apparantly, one year after the Revolution. George and Martha had over 600 house guests!

We ate at the Virginia Grill in a small town off of I-95.

Bob and Brian's favorite of the day was crawling through the duct work at the spy museum eavesdropping on conversations.

TJ really enjoyed the whole experience at the Spy Museum and answering all the questions about his alias.

Jason enjoyed the movie at the "house-eum" (surprising me because of the war scene)

Mom's favorite was learning more about Mount Vernon.

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