Monday, August 11, 2008

fear of rejection

No, its not that I'm overly concerned with whether the readers of my blog will like my postings or not. Unfortunately, I'm concerned with something more serious: kidney rejection.

Jeanne's lab results haven't been behaving themselves lately. First, her creatinine clearance levels have been somewhat elevated over the past few months. That was of some concern, but then more recently, her cyclosporine levels have been too low as well. Her nephrologist tried to combat this by increasing her medications, but a few weeks later, the cyclosporine levels haven't gone back up at all. So, now her nephrologist is concerned that perhaps the kidney may be beginning to be rejected. So, this Wednesday, Jeanne is scheduled to have a biopsy done of her kidney (the new one, of course). They will take the tissue and examine it for "visible signs of rejection". If they find some, they she will probably need to be hospitalized for a few days so they can work on getting her straightened out with some IV medications.

Hopefully, one way or another, they can get everything sorted out for her soon.

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