Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vote for Starbucks idea "A Penny to fight PKD"

I came across this blog post from Supergirl which points to a Starbucks idea where someone is proposing that one penny of every cup of coffee or tea sold by Starbucks would be donated to the PKD Foundation in honor of Sandra Andersen, a Starbucks employee who recently donated a kidney to one of her customers who had PKD.

I gather the way this program works is that anyone can submit an idea to the website. Then, a team of Starbucks employees gets together from time to time and evaluates the various ideas and decides whether or not to proceed forward with them. One of the factors they take into account is the popularity of an idea and they provide a voting mechanism whereby you can show your support for an idea. Currently, the "Penny to Fight PKD Campaign" idea is one of the most popular ideas submitted to date. So, I highly encourage anyone reading this to go over to the Starbucks website, sign up for an id, and show your support by voting for this idea. I just did so myself. Even if Starbucks does not end up adopting the idea, the publicity that comes of this idea being popular can only be a good thing.

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