Saturday, September 8, 2007

last night of the Renegades season

Every summer, one of our family's favorite activities is attending Renegades games. The Renegades are the local minor league team and are an affiliate of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Last night was the final game of the season and even though the team lost, we all had a great time. Jeanne was out having a scrapbooking night, so I took the three boys along with TJ's friend Sasha to the game. Since it was the last game of the season, giveaways and discounts abounded. We came home with about a dozen more squishy balls. Brian and Jason, of course, enjoyed visiting the mascots.

And everyone enjoys the "hey ho" every time the Renegades score a run:

The Walk for PKD is one week from today. This time next week we'll be walking around the neighborhoods of Bedford Hills, New York (viewing the backs of all of the rest of the walkers, no doubt!). Hopefully this year, we'll get back before everyone else has finished their lunch.

Our supporters continue to grow! I'm excited to report that Team Teddy Bear has surpassed the $5000 mark in donations! The generosity of everyone has been nearly overwhelming! The Hudson Valley Walk as a whole is closing in on the $30000 mark:

As I recall from last year, this number took off the last week before the walk (and kept going even for a while after), so it'll be interesting to watch this amount grow over the next several days.

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